Castor Oil — Age old remedy for lustrous hair and skin

Who doesn’t want flawless, lustrous hair and glowing skin? These are the most common beauty aspects, everyone concerns themselves with. However, most of us have endured more harm than good using ‘chemicals’ i.e, the most marketed beauty products. but, what if there was a natural remedy and if we already knew it but have chosen to forget it!

When we were kids it used to be a ritual to apply castor oil to hair and body every Sunday. it is the same, I am sure it is the same in many households in South India. This age-old tradition must have been followed for a reason which we have forgotten over some time. The reason is the incredible benefits of using castor oil which our ancestors knew and we have chosen to ignore it.

Castor oil is known for its anti-bacterial properties and various medicinal benefits. In the book ‘Heal the Body Holistically’, author Carolyn J. Williams explains, “It is believed that most of castor oil’s benefits are derived from its high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids”

here are some benefits of castor oil to make you a believer

1. Remedy for acne

Most beauty products drain the oil out of your skin. the skin robbed of oil intern produces more oil to moisturizer itself. the oils inflamed skin produces acne. Don’t be afraid of applying oil to your skin. The essential fatty acids that castor oil contains help in restoring the skin’s natural moisture balance. Apply castor oil gently on your face and massage in circular motions before taking a bath.

2. Healthy shiny hair

castor oil is the best oil to enrich your scalps. It contains ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids and therefore when massaged onto the scalp it helps in increasing the blood circulation which improves hair growth. Castor oil also moisturizes and conditions your hair naturally.

3. Prevents hair fall

Castor oil strengthens your hair root and prevents hair fall. if you find castor oil too thick on its own for daily use, add few drops of castor oil to coconut oil and use daily to get the best of both oils.

4. Natural cure for eye inflammation

Castor oil is known for its powerful anti-bacterial properties. Apply a drop of castor oil over the eyelid at least once in a week for effective results.

5. Say bye to wrinkles

castor oil can be a great natural remedy for wrinkles. It penetrates into the skin and boosts the production of collagen which softens and hydrates the skin. It rejuvenates the skin by making it softer and smoother

6. Soothes dry skin

For people with severely dry skin or dry hair, castor oil can be used once a week. Castor oil is also beneficial for those suffering from a skin ailment called Atopic Dermatitis.

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